In this post I will explain the procedure of how to create the CAD of a complex thin structure using SolidWorks 2018. Here, we will consider a biomedical stent which is a tiny mesh structure inserted into human arteries to treat blocked arteries. The procedure is more commonly known as angioplasty where the stent is inflated inside the artery to restore the blocked artery.

1. Create sketch

Create a sketch of an arc of radius 5mm and an angle of 45 degrees.

2. Extrusion

Then select the ‘Base Flange’ option under the sheet metal tab in SolidWorks and give a length of 5mm and 0.1mm.

3. Unfold sheet

Now straighten the sheet by using the ‘unfold’ option. Select a straight edge under the fixed face entry and base bend under Bends to unfold.

4. Cut extrude

Then make a cut as shown in the flat sheet as shown with the Cut Extrude option.

5. Fold sheet

Bend the sheet again using the fold command.

6. Mirror body

Mirror the body carefully to achieve the desired pattern. The CAD can be downloaded from GrabCAD.

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