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Solid dynamics toolkit for OpenFOAM

During the last few years I have been actively working (mostly as part of my doctorate degree) in developing a solid dynamics toolkit within the framework of cell-centred and vertex-centred Finite Volume Method. This novel mixed formulation overcomes the drawbacks associated with conventional displacement-based Finite Element and Finite Volume formulations…


References for OpenFOAM users and developers

When I first began using OpenFOAM back in 2013, there were only a handful of resources available to start with. I had soon realized that the learning curve to use this software effectively was quite steep. Soon I found myself in a position where I had to start developing the…

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Mesh information in OpenFOAM

When developing your own code in OpenFOAM, it is almost certain that access to mesh information will be required in order to evaluate various parameters. In this post, I have provided a short description on how to access some of this information which could come in handy while programming. This…

OpenFOAM | Awards

‘Best Poster’ awarded at ZCCE PhD conference

Zienkiewicz Centre for Computational Engineering (ZCCE) at Swansea University organizes a PhD conference annually. Our poster was awarded the ‘Best Poster of the 2017 ZCCE PhD Conference’. The award was handed over by Prof. Spencer Sherwin at Swansea University.[Poster]  [Workshop programme]

OpenFOAM | Awards

‘Best Student Paper’ awarded by ESI group

ESI group organises an annual OpenFOAM User Conference to interact with users and developers across the OpenFOAM community and share knowledge. Our paper ‘Large strain solid dynamics in OpenFOAM’ was selected as the ‘Best Student Paper’ at the ‘4th Annual OpenFOAM User Conference 2016’ held in Cologne, Germany.[Manuscript]  [Conference webpage]

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OpenFOAM course for beginners

What is OpenFOAM? OpenFOAM is free and open source software package distributed by OpenCFD Ltd and the OpenFOAM Foundation. It is an extensive C++ library which is used to solve computational continuum mechanic problems using the Finite Volume Method. Although, primarily developed for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), OpenFOAM has an…