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Almost a decade ago, I decided to learn the art of digital photography which had been of interest to me since my childhood. In 2011, I bought my first DSLR and since then there has been no turning back as photography has become my hobby and passion. After studying photography, I actually found that it is not so difficult to learn the science behind it as many people would imagine. Yet, I came across many individuals who although bought the lasted cameras, but didn’t make any significant effort to learn its usage. This has inspired me to educate people by offering digital photography lessons and share whatever I have learnt during these years.

So if you have ever thought about learning photography but didn’t know where/how to start then this is your opportunity.  I can teach you the basics of digital photography in a way that you can easily relate to. Once you learn the basics, we can move onto more advanced topics. A tentative outline of the topics include:

  1. Basics of digital photography
  2. Common photography myths
  3. Portrait and landscape photography
  4. Low light/night photography
  5. Photography of fast moving objects
  6. How to edit photographs
  7. Hands-on photography training sessions
  8. Hands-on photography editing sessions

If this idea sounds interesting then please contact me. I will then organize a free initial session based in Cambridge, UK where I will teach the basics of digital photography. This session will also be used to know what topics individuals would like to study and access lesson costs.

To find more about my work please visit:

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